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Evaluate Your Staff

Engage Your Members

Empower Managers

Exceed Expectations

Elevate Compliance

Eliminate Subjectivity

Call Monitoring using AuditWise

AuditWise is a centralised quality management and reporting solution developed specifically for contact centres. It is the essential tool for any business wanting to discover actionable insights into agent performance. The easy-to-use web portal provides extensive reporting and dashboard functionality for all levels of staff in your business.

The software has lots of clever features that not only allow you to score your staff but can also assist in performance management, increasing employee engagement and driving customer satisfaction. Scorecards are so straightforward to build and administrators can easily add staff members and allocate the relevant permissions. Your teams can be set up and ready to be scored in minimal time.

Paying only for the number of users that are being scored, AuditWise is ideal for any size of business looking to improve its quality of service and customer satisfaction.


DreamWise Introductory pricing for low volume users
1 - 15 Users 1GB Storage IP Authentication
£9.80 Monthly Per User


DreamWise Higher Storage larger User Base
16 - 49 Users 2GB Storage IP Authentication
£9.20 Monthly Per User


DreamWise Mid size businesses needing moderate storage
50 - 99 Users 5GB Storage IP Authentication
£8.40 Monthly Per User


DreamWise Large businesses and enterprise first stage
100 - 249 Users 10GB Storage IP Authentication
£7.80 Monthly Per User


DreamWise Large businesses and enterprise second stage
250 - 500 Users 25GB Storage IP Authentication
£7.20 Monthly Per User


DreamWise Large businesses and enterprise third stage
501+ Users 50GB Storage IP Authentication
£6.60 Monthly Per User

An overview of AuditWise's features

Evaluate Your Staff

Fed up of using spreadsheets or manual forms to score your staff? With AuditWise’s dynamic scorecard builder, you can build your scorecards in minutes!

Engage Your Team

Involving your agents in the quality assessment process creates engagement from the onset. And with their own personal dashboard, they can track their progress at any time.

Empower Managers

AuditWise has a powerful reporting suite which enables your business to gain valuable insight into the numerous metric surrounding agent performance and customer satisfaction.

Exceed Expectations

Quality Monitoring is proven to be one of the most effective ways for improving and managing staff performance. Celebrate the successes of your staff and teams through identifying excellent service.

Elevate Compliance

Improve compliance with company policy and industry regulations by utilising AuditWise's compliance reports and functionality.

Eliminate Subjectivity

AuditWise's in-built calibration feature will help you remove subjectivity and ensure a consistent and fair approach to scoring.

Why use AuditWise?

Easy Set-Up

With the easy-to-use interface and dynamic features it could not be easier to set your business up on AuditWise and as it’s a standalone web-based system there are no complexities with integration. You can be ready to start scoring in no time!

Transparent Pricing

Irrespective of the number of users that you set up to access AuditWise, you will only ever be charged a monthly fee for the staff that are to be scored so relax and add as many users as you need – they’ll all want to see the results that will be produced!

Continuous Improvement

Transform your customer experience by uncovering actionable insights through trend analysis. AuditWise enables you to identify opportunities for improvement in addition to highlighting positive behaviours as well as areas for development.


Our experienced team are always on hand to assist you with any queries or questions that you have and are more than happy to help you get started. We are also available to visit your business to provide full training and support during the crucial early stages of deployment of AuditWise.


With the ability to set real time alerts on any breaches as well as the availability of detailed reporting, AuditWise assists with industry compliance requirements.

Continually Evolving

User experience and functionality are essential to AuditWise which is why we will continue to invest in the development of the system. Changes will primarily be based on the feedback from our customers so don’t be shy let us know what you think!

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